Wednesday, April 13, 2022

PAFF Activity Weekend Awards

Out of 1150 chasers that contacted one of the 28 different PAFF activities over the weekend of April 9 and 10, 250 chasers have achieved award levels bronze, silver or gold. 

The top chaser - SP8LEP - managed to make 29 contacts, reaching 22 different activities (plus some extra band/mode QSOs). While the number two on the list - OH1MM - managed to reach the most activities - 24 out of the maximum 28. 

Top chasers from Europe:   
  1. SP8LEP
  2. OH1MM
  3. EA2DT
  4. OM5DP
  5. S52RA
  6. S58AL
  7. OM1AX
  8. PA1H
  9. IK1GPG
  10. LZ3SM
Top chasers outside of Europe:
  1. KD1CT
  2. 4Z4DX
  3. K1RO
  4. VE9MY
  5. KG8P
  6. W1OW
  7. VE3EXY
  8. VK5MAZ
  9. VK5PAS
  10. RM9RZ

Our thanks goes out to the activators that participated. The flu going around in PA meant a few had to drop out on last notice but: PA0JED, PA2GB, PA4VHF, PA9CW, PC5Z, PD0RWL (with friends), PE5TT, PF5X, PG3N, PH0NO and PH2A all went out to activate one or more references. 

The special chaser awards can be downloaded below be entering your callsign in the box below and hitting "Go". The award (a JPG file) will download automatically (check your Downloads folder).

Examples of the awards:


Jan PD3JAG said...

Bedankt alle activators, en manager voor Silver award.
Kon alleen zaterdag de meeste werken.
73, 44 PD3JAG

Luk, ON4BB said...

Bedankt voor jullie weekend activiteit.
Zondag bar slechte condities short skip.

Luk on4bb