Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WWFF agenda and cluster

The WWFF website has been expanded with agenda functionality. It is now possible for anyone to add an upcoming activity to the agenda. For activators this offers a nice way to make your plans known to the worldwide chaser community. Chasers can now plan when to go out for groceries and when to definitely stay near the radio. Check it out!

Another very nice feature for anyone chasing WWFF references is the WWFF cluster. It has been developed in cooperation with GMA and features all WWFF cluster spots.

Monday, May 2, 2016

PAFF KMZ files available for download

As a service to our activators we have been providing geographical information about the PAFF reserves using Google Maps online platform for a few years now.

We have received requests by activators to have a downloadable version of this information. As of today you will find KMZ files of every PAFF reserve available for download from the table of PAFF references - here

After downloading the KMZ of a reserve you want to activate, you can convert it to your required format (like GPX). There are various online conversion tools available.

As a side note: WWFF has started using 4 digits for all the references in the WWFF index. We have changed our reference list accordingly. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

PAFF expansion

In cooperation with a number of PAFF activators we are currently expanding PAFF with 12 new nature reserves - from PAFF-0089 up to PAFF-0100 - in all corners of the country. 

This should provide activators with extra incentive to go out and activate one or more nature reserves. Now we only need the weather to improve...

Watch this space for more updates on the selected reserves.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Summer activities at PAFF

This summer we have so far seen over 30 activities from various activators, both new and familiar calls.

An impression of what it looked like through the eyes of the activators:

Harm PC5Z was active from PAFF-083
The next day Harm (left) visited Harry PA1H at PAFF-082
Harry PA1H at PAFF-082
Harry PA1H could be heard from more locations like here at PAFF-043
Or here at PAFF-008
At PAFF-004 Harry was visited by Andreas DH1AC
Danny ON4VT visited PAFF-080 for his first FF activity outside ON
Danny brought his friend Mario OR7Z
Bill ON5JE was the next Belgian operator to visit PA - here activating PAFF-008
Bill ON5JE at PAFF-007

Martin DF3MC was active from Kootwijk PAFF-035
..and from Terlet PAFF-042

PD0DKF and PD3MR were active as PD44FF from PAFF-079
Stephan from ON4CHD from PAFF-015
Jan PD3JAG was active from PAFF-015 as well
Jan PD3JAG and company

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

First PAFF CCO award for I5FLN

Today we have awarded the first CCO "Chief Chasing OM" certificate - for working 75+ PAFF references - to Luciano I5FLN. 

To people active in the WWFF community it will come as no surprise that Luciano managed to get the first one. He has worked all PAFF references that have been activated so far.

Apart from chasing each and every WWFF activity there is, Luciano is also an active staff member of WWFF making sure that the reference list that forms an important basis for the WWFF and national programs remains up to date.

Congratulations Luciano - an award well deserved!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

PAFF in the news

In the January Issue of the DKARS Magazine - one of the two major HAM magazines in The Netherlands - there is an article about PAFF / WWFF. 

The complete magazine can be downloaded here: January Issue DKARS Magazine 

The PAFF article is on page 56. Note that the article is in Dutch. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

PA1H on a roll

If you are an avid WWFF chaser you must have noticed a new call sign appearing from PAFF. 

Harry PA1H has been active from no less than 11 references over the last 1,5 months. He has been accompanied by his friend Nico PA7PA on most occasions (so another call you must have worked recently).

Below a couple of pictures from their activities.

Harry PA1H on the radio

Autumn activity @Deelerwoud

Antenna used @PAFF activities