Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hoi PD3JAG hier :
Ik wil jullie graag vertellen hoe ik met WWFF/ PAFF in aanraking gekomen ben . En heb hierover een PDF file gemaakt  deze kun je lezen door de onderstaande link te openen.
Hoe ik ben begonnen met WWFF/PAFF

 Mochten er vragen zijn stel ze gerust. En ik hoop dat door deze kleine uitleg wat meer mensen actief gaan worden.


73' en 44  de Jan PD3JAG

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Support @PAFF from Jan PD3JAG

Jan PD3JAG - an enthusiastic PAFF / WWFF community member - offered to help us out getting more attention for the PAFF program. As of today Jan will help us keeping this blog site alive with news and information about PAFF activities.

Monday, October 10, 2016

PAFF info in Dutch

Some Dutch content for a change..

Een groot deel van de PAFF community - in ieder geval voor wat betreft de activators - is Nederlandstalig. Tot nu toe was deze website volledig in het Engels onder de aanname dat alle doelgroepen dit zouden kunnen lezen.

Om nog beter aan te sluiten bij de Nederlandse doelgroep, hebben we een pagina toegevoegd met alle hoofdonderwerpen in het Nederlands. Mocht je nog iets belangrijks missen, laat het ons weten!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

PAFF statistics updated

Working on the PAFF log database I decided to generate some new statistics on the PAFF program, its chasers and activators.

Where do most chasers come from? What bands and modes do activators typically use?
How many activities do we have and how many activators?

You will find the answers to those questions on the PAFF Statistics page.

One interesting graph is the one showing the activity level over the years. The dotted lines show the number of activities and number of different activators in a year. The green area in the background shows the number of calls logged during these activities.

I am curious to see if 2016 can match or even beat 2015....

Friday, September 30, 2016

PAFF activity in 2016

The summer is over and even though the weather is still /P friendly over here, now is a good time to look back at the activities we have had in PAFF in 2016. 

We extended our reference list to 100 references. Such an extension always gives a boost to activity - 2016 is no exception. All but one of these new references have been activated by now.

We are happy to see a number of new activators join our program. In 2016 you might have heard PA2CVD, PA2DK, PC2L (PD2LH), PC2Y, PC9DB, PD7DX, PE1EEC or PE1MPI working from one of the PAFF nature reserves.  

Like previous years we have also had a number of visiting HAMs activating PAFF references, some for the first time, some returning: DJ2OS, DL1ASA, ON2LVC, ON5SWA, ON6EF and SP1MVG.

There were two group activities from PI4WBR and PI35ETL.

And of course - last but not least - PAFF saw activities from familiar (both casual and serial) activators we have seen in 2015 and some even before that: PA1H, PA7MDJ, PB7Z, PC5Z, PD0EJD, PD2RKG and PD3JAG.

Below you will find a couple of examples of the many activities we have seen in the last few months. If you are curious about this program, don't hesitate to contact us or one of the activators for more information.

ON6EF @PAFF-0064
PA1H @PAFF-0091
PA2CVD &co. @PAFF-0010
PH0NO @PAFF-0019
PC2Y @PAFF-0097
PC9DB @PAFF-0008
PD2LH (PC2L) @PAFF-0030
PD7DX @PAFF-0062
PI35ETL @PAFF-0010

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WWFF agenda and cluster

The WWFF website has been expanded with agenda functionality. It is now possible for anyone to add an upcoming activity to the agenda. For activators this offers a nice way to make your plans known to the worldwide chaser community. Chasers can now plan when to go out for groceries and when to definitely stay near the radio. Check it out!

Another very nice feature for anyone chasing WWFF references is the WWFF cluster. It has been developed in cooperation with GMA and features all WWFF cluster spots.

Monday, May 2, 2016

PAFF KMZ files available for download

As a service to our activators we have been providing geographical information about the PAFF reserves using Google Maps online platform for a few years now.

We have received requests by activators to have a downloadable version of this information. As of today you will find KMZ files of every PAFF reserve available for download from the table of PAFF references - here

After downloading the KMZ of a reserve you want to activate, you can convert it to your required format (like GPX). There are various online conversion tools available.

As a side note: WWFF has started using 4 digits for all the references in the WWFF index. We have changed our reference list accordingly.