PAFF Statistics

Trivial stats about the activities of PAFF areas
You can find the most active PAFF chasers and activators on our honor roll

Activity level @PAFF over the years (2008-2021)

165.000 QSOs from over 1700 activities by 163 different activators:

Origin of PAFF Chasers

Where did the chasers come from?

Bands / modes
What bands and modes did the activators use @ PAFF?

(Note that this is based on our PAFF log database and it excludes the activity on PJ)

1 comment:

PA1H said...

Mooi overzicht Lars.
CW kan nog wel een boost gebruiken.
Net als 80 meter, soms de enige band waarop een PAFF station te werken is. Dit gezien de condities.