Monday, August 26, 2013

ON2WAB active from the north of PA

While on holiday in the north of the Netherlands last week, Peter ON2WAB headed over to two nature parks: PAFF-009 (NP De Weerribben) and PAFF-013 (NP Dwingelderveld).
During his activity from these parks he logged 270 contacts.

Beautiful surroundings of Giethoorn near PAFF-009

Peter's temporary shack

Sunday, August 25, 2013

PD5MVH will activate PAFF-017

PD5MVH will be active from Schiermonnikoog Island (EU-038) from August 31 till September 14.

On his stay there he will activate LH-2175 and PAFF-017.

Happy chasing!

Friday, August 23, 2013

PC5Z Holiday Tour

Harm PC5Z was active from the north of The Netherlands this summer - as far across the country as one can get from his QTH in the south west. He activated five nature parks during his one week holiday, quite rightly dubbed “PAFF Holiday Tour 2013”.

PC5Z/P from PAFF-039 - Fochteloerveen

Harm activated PAFF-065, PAFF-061, PAFF-041, PAFF-039 & PAFF-028 using a portable dipole for 20m and an end fed wire for 40m.

PC5Z/P fron PAFF-065 - Zuidlaardermeergebied
Although band conditions were so-so he did manage to log a large number (900) of hunters that week. Expect to hear more from him /P - although probably from ON which is just around the corner from where he lives.

Monday, August 5, 2013

First /MM PAFF activity

PA1WBU was active from PAFF-014 Lauwersmeer - which is water for a large part of its surface ("meer" = lake). That is why he went on a boat with his equipment. 
Below is what he wrote about the activity. You can find more about his activity on his QRZ page.

"My first ever Flora & Fauna activation, to add to the fun this was done /MM from a small sailing vessel owned by fellow ham Robert PE1MJA (in the background of the picture below).

The homegrown 20/40m endfed was a bit too long to conveniently attach it to the mast (arguably, the mast was too low HI.) but we got it to work in the end. You can see the antenna wire dangling down from the boat hook doing double duty as the secondary antenna mast. I'll build a monoband 20m wire for this kind of work."

Wilko PA1WBU/MM from PAFF-014 (Lauwersmeer)