Thursday, July 24, 2014

New PAFF references live

Good news for all our activators and chasers: PAFF has been expanded with 17 new nature reserves as of today. 

As mentioned in a previous post the areas are:
PAFF-072 Terschelling Friesland
PAFF-073 Ameland Friesland
PAFF-074 Lageland van Texel Noord-Holland
PAFF-075 Westerwolde Groningen
PAFF-076 Ennemaborgh Groningen
PAFF-077 Schokland Flevoland
PAFF-078 Tiengemeten Zuid-Holland
PAFF-079 Broekvelden, Vettenbroek & Polder Stein Zuid-Holland
PAFF-080 Yerseke en Kapelse Moer Zeeland
PAFF-081 Clingse bossen (*) Zeeland
PAFF-082 Margaretha polder (*) Zeeland
PAFF-083 Braakman Noorderbossen (*) Zeeland
PAFF-084 Wallen Retranchement Zeeland
PAFF-085 Rosendael Gelderland
PAFF-086 Doorwerth Gelderland
PAFF-087 Grebbeberg Gelderland
PAFF-088 Rozendaal (Limburg) Limburg

This set creates an even better spread of areas across The Netherlands - especially Zeeland was in need of extra references.  

The three areas indicated with an (*) require some more work to add them to the Google Maps file we compiled as surface information is not readily available. This means you will need to contact us to get details on what the perimeter of the reserve is (as we use it).

Enjoy the chasing or activation of the areas!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

US0VA revisits PAFF

Igor US0VA was back in The Netherlands and activated PAFF-009 (national park Weerribben-Wieden) during his stay. He logged 178 contacts between July 5 and July 7 using his FT-857 and a vertical antenna.

Below some pictures of his rather convenient set-up in the park.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Activities by ON4AOL, PB7Z, PH0NO and PA3Q

Good weather brings more people out /P

In the last few weeks there were four activities from PAFF:
  • Luc ON4AOL activated Sallandse Heuvelrug - PAFF-016, logging 160 chasers
  • Bernard PB7Z (previously PD7BZ) activated Boswachterij Sleenerzand - PAFF-061 during GreenDay, logging over 200 chasers
  • Lars PH0NO activated De Vuursche - PAFF-054, logging over 200 chasers
  • Wil PA3Q activated Kootwijk - PAFF-035 for his second PAFF activity, logging 21 chasers

Some pictures shared by the activators:

Luc ON4AOL working from a comfortable /P shack at PAFF-016
Bernard PB7Z using a G5RV at PAFF-061
PH0NO's 40m C-Pole antenna at PAFF-054

Wil PA3Q working from Kootwijk (building of Radio Kootwijk in the background)

Wil PA3Q attracted attention from other visitors to the park

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Expanding PAFF

With the help of several PAFF activators we have compiled a list of 17 nature reserves to be added to our current set of references. Most of the added reserves fill in geographical gaps in the current program.

The new set consists of: 
  • Terschelling, Ameland (FR)
  • Lage Land van Texel (NH)
  • Westerwolde, Ennemaborgh (GR)
  • Schokland (FL)
  • Tiengemeten, Broekvelden - Vettenbroek & Polder Stein Nature Conservation Act (ZH)
  • Yerseke en Kapelse Moer, Clingse bossen, Margaretha polder, Braakman Noorderbossen, Wallen Retranchement (ZL)
  • Rosendael, Doorwerth, Grebbeberg (GD)
  • Rozendaal (LB)

As soon as they have been accepted by WWFF the new references will be made available for activation. 

Watch this space....