Monday, April 29, 2013

Activation of Duinen bij Bergen PAFF-050 by PA3FYG/P

Duinen bij Bergen  PAFF-050                                   

Windy beach at PAFF-050

2013 - April 28

I made about 40 QSOs on 20m.  
On 40m I got no replay from chasers,
but worked some stations that called CQ.
After50 minutes there were no chases anymore.
Only DX was a VE2 station.

Activation Schoorlse Duinen PAFF-062 PA3FYG/P

Schoorlse Duinen

Schoorlse Duinen PAFF-062

 2013  - April 28

I made about 50 QSOs on 20m
On 40m I got no replay at all.
After 40 minutes there were no chases anymore.
Only DX was a VE3 station.

Highest Dune in the Netherlands - 54m high

Thursday, April 18, 2013

PAFF-053 Loenermark activity on Friday April 19

PH0NO will activate Loenermark WWFF PAFF-053 Friday afternoon.
Operation somewhere between 12h-16h UTC. Bands: 40m, 20m and possibly higher bands (depending on conditions).

A lot of people dropped by. I was able to activate the park on three bands and logged 272 calls from 40 different DXCCs. Short report can be found here:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First PAFF Gold Award issued

Today we issued the first Gold Award to Axel DL1EBR for his achievement of contacting 50 different PAFF nature parks. 

Starting at the end of 2010 Axel contacted 79 different PAFF activities - meeting most of the activators in PA and collecting 49 nature parks in The Netherlands and one on the former Dutch Caribbean Islands.

Congratulations Axel!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

PAFF-037 Horsterwold by PA3FYG/P on Monday April 8

I want to activate Horsterwold  PAFF-037 on. Monday April 8.
Start around 10.00 UTC.
Frequency  around 7.144KHz and 14.244 KHz, perhaps later on other bands as well.

73 de Hans PA3FYG/p