Thursday, July 24, 2014

New PAFF references live

Good news for all our activators and chasers: PAFF has been expanded with 17 new nature reserves as of today. 

As mentioned in a previous post the areas are:
PAFF-072 Terschelling Friesland
PAFF-073 Ameland Friesland
PAFF-074 Lageland van Texel Noord-Holland
PAFF-075 Westerwolde Groningen
PAFF-076 Ennemaborgh Groningen
PAFF-077 Schokland Flevoland
PAFF-078 Tiengemeten Zuid-Holland
PAFF-079 Broekvelden, Vettenbroek & Polder Stein Zuid-Holland
PAFF-080 Yerseke en Kapelse Moer Zeeland
PAFF-081 Clingse bossen (*) Zeeland
PAFF-082 Margaretha polder (*) Zeeland
PAFF-083 Braakman Noorderbossen (*) Zeeland
PAFF-084 Wallen Retranchement Zeeland
PAFF-085 Rosendael Gelderland
PAFF-086 Doorwerth Gelderland
PAFF-087 Grebbeberg Gelderland
PAFF-088 Rozendaal (Limburg) Limburg

This set creates an even better spread of areas across The Netherlands - especially Zeeland was in need of extra references.  

The three areas indicated with an (*) require some more work to add them to the Google Maps file we compiled as surface information is not readily available. This means you will need to contact us to get details on what the perimeter of the reserve is (as we use it).

Enjoy the chasing or activation of the areas!

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PA9CW, Tonnie said...

Today activated PAFF-074. Made 57 QSO's in CW on HF. It was my first FF activation. It was a lot of fun, and a sunny day.