Sunday, September 7, 2014

PAFF activities in August

In August we have seen activities at PAFF from several OMs, some new to the WWFF program. Four of the recently added nature reserves have been activated this month.

  • Joe DF8KY activated PAFF-043
  • Peter ON2WAB activated PAFF-030
  • Tonnie PA9CW activated PAFF-012 and PAFF-074 (new)
  • Theo PA9RX activated PAFF-075 (new)
  • Peter PD1RP activated PAFF-052 
  • Marcel PG8M activated PAFF-063 and PAFF-086 (new)
  • Lars PH0NO activated PAFF-085 (new)

While a slightly enlarged ON team (ON6QO, ON4LAN, ON5JT, ON5TC, ON5TQ , ON2KMJ and ON8VP) came back to PAFF-015.

Below you can find some pictures and youtube links shared by the activators.

PA9CW working CW from PAFF-074 
PD1RP working phone from PAFF-052
PA9RX's set-up at PAFF-075
PG8M working from PAFF-086
PG8M working from PAFF-063
Using my new slingshot at PAFF-085
There are also Youtube clips from two operations: PA9CW from PAFF-074 and the ON team from PAFF-015.

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