Friday, July 11, 2014

Activities by ON4AOL, PB7Z, PH0NO and PA3Q

Good weather brings more people out /P

In the last few weeks there were four activities from PAFF:
  • Luc ON4AOL activated Sallandse Heuvelrug - PAFF-016, logging 160 chasers
  • Bernard PB7Z (previously PD7BZ) activated Boswachterij Sleenerzand - PAFF-061 during GreenDay, logging over 200 chasers
  • Lars PH0NO activated De Vuursche - PAFF-054, logging over 200 chasers
  • Wil PA3Q activated Kootwijk - PAFF-035 for his second PAFF activity, logging 21 chasers

Some pictures shared by the activators:

Luc ON4AOL working from a comfortable /P shack at PAFF-016
Bernard PB7Z using a G5RV at PAFF-061
PH0NO's 40m C-Pole antenna at PAFF-054

Wil PA3Q working from Kootwijk (building of Radio Kootwijk in the background)

Wil PA3Q attracted attention from other visitors to the park

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PE4BAS, Bas said...

Mooi foto's vooral van PA3Q met radio kootwijk op de achtergrond. 73, Bas