Friday, September 30, 2016

PAFF activity in 2016

The summer is over and even though the weather is still /P friendly over here, now is a good time to look back at the activities we have had in PAFF in 2016. 

We extended our reference list to 100 references. Such an extension always gives a boost to activity - 2016 is no exception. All but one of these new references have been activated by now.

We are happy to see a number of new activators join our program. In 2016 you might have heard PA2CVD, PA2DK, PC2L (PD2LH), PC2Y, PC9DB, PD7DX, PE1EEC or PE1MPI working from one of the PAFF nature reserves.  

Like previous years we have also had a number of visiting HAMs activating PAFF references, some for the first time, some returning: DJ2OS, DL1ASA, ON2LVC, ON5SWA, ON6EF and SP1MVG.

There were two group activities from PI4WBR and PI35ETL.

And of course - last but not least - PAFF saw activities from familiar (both casual and serial) activators we have seen in 2015 and some even before that: PA1H, PA7MDJ, PB7Z, PC5Z, PD0EJD, PD2RKG and PD3JAG.

Below you will find a couple of examples of the many activities we have seen in the last few months. If you are curious about this program, don't hesitate to contact us or one of the activators for more information.

ON6EF @PAFF-0064
PA1H @PAFF-0091
PA2CVD &co. @PAFF-0010
PH0NO @PAFF-0019
PC2Y @PAFF-0097
PC9DB @PAFF-0008
PD2LH (PC2L) @PAFF-0030
PD7DX @PAFF-0062
PI35ETL @PAFF-0010

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