Flora and fauna & ham radio worldwide

PAFF / EUFF / WWFF - International FF information

The main international Flora and Fauna program is WWFF: World Wide Flora & Fauna. There are many national flora and fauna / ham radio programs worldwide that participate in WWFF, you will find the list with links to the national websites on the WWFF website. Not all the sites are necessarily in English. 

Flora and Fauna maps / location info
For a quick look at the nature parks per country we are collecting links to maps or lists with location information.

For PAFF we have made detailed maps of the nature parks with their boundaries and activation status with downloadable kmz files for each reference.

Mario DC7CCC and Peter DK2RMP have put in the effort to put together a map showing the location of nature parks in various countries worldwide. Some references are more accurate than others but their data set is extensive:
On the map page you can select a WWFF region (pull down menu on the left). This allows you to toggle various regions. They are still working on expanding the list. Note that this map can also be used to show SOTA locations.

The last version of the World Wide Flora and Fauna reference list can be found here.
As national programs might change the list independently I advise you to take a look on the national FF websites (list on the WWFF website) for up to date info.

Finding the location of the parks can sometimes be a challenge. To help you out you can use the maps mentioned above and we have collected the following links to pages that give you at least some info on the location:

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