Saturday, December 15, 2012

PAFF-056 by PA3FYG/P


Not much activity from PAFF-056 ( activated before by PH0NO )

During a familytrip on Saterday December 15th to Enschede in the far east of The Netherlands I activated PAFF-056  "Buurserzand & Haaksbergseveen" this afternoon.

QRV in front off traditional farm

The rest of the family made a short walk, so I had only 40 minutes QRV time ( 13.15-13.55 UTC )
No contest, clear frequency, good location, anouncement before, but no pile-up this time.
I was calling a long time on  14.241 MHz, but only worked 13 stations.
I worked BA7MY and 7T50I after one call, so I do not understand the lack of qsos.


 73 de Hans PA3FYG.


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