Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Award search engine

EnzoLog support added to our PAFF award program

With the new PAFF award program we were looking for an easy way to check requests and make individual PAFF scores available to chasers. 

Using the mail archive of Hans PA3FYG and the help of a number of activators we were able to build up a database containing about 95% of all PAFF logs.

With this local database we can check all award requests but it is still not easy for a chaser to check his own PAFF status. This is where Enzo came to the rescue. With his web log service he now supports the PAFF award program. If you go to this page you can enter your callsign and find out how many (and which) PAFFs you worked.

As a side note: with the local database we can also find out all sorts of trivia on the PAFF activities. Check out the stats page that shows some of this data.


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