Sunday, June 15, 2014

First PAFF activity of PD5CL and PD7MDJ

On June 1st Michael PD7MDJ and Corné PD5CL went over to De Biesbosch - PAFF-002 to activate this nature park. It was their first WWFF experience. They logged some 140 contacts on HF and VHF and got some pile-up experience in the running.

The good weather, good band conditions (no QRM for a change) and over-all good experience left the operators with an appetite for more /P activity. So expect to catch them again in the future.

PD5CL working on HF

Michael PD7MDJ on the mic
VHF / UHF antenna and a view of the pleasant surroundings
PD7MDJ & PD5CL special QSL