Sunday, November 16, 2014

Active autumn

We were blessed with good weather this autumn. Maybe there is a causal link to the level of activity - as there has been a lot of activity from PAFF this period.

We have seen activities from:

  • Peter DL7VMM activated PAFF-041
  • Axel DL1EBR activated PAFF-071 and 072
  • Hans PE1BVQ activated PAFF-011
  • Harm PC5Z activated PAFF-081 and 082 (both new) 
  • Harry PA1H & Nico PA7PA activated PAFF-071 and 072
  • Jürgen DL2AMT activated PAFF-074
  • Krzystof SP1MVG activated PAFF-013, 070 and 077 (new)
  • Karl DL2XL activated PAFF-007 and 008
Below you can find a few pictures to give you an impression of how these activators operated.

Axel DL1EBR @PAFF-071

Krzystof SP1MVG working from his car
View of SP1MVG's set-up
Karl DL2XL working CW QRP
..travelling by bicycle
Jürgen DL2AMT working from his car...
..and a more comfy chair
Harry PA1H with a convenient set-up
..transported by a convenient bike