Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PAFF-056 on October 31 by PH0NO

With a morning available for radio-activity I went over to the still not activated PAFF-056 - Buurserzand & Haaksbergseveen. A nice quiet area close to the German border. More precisely a combination of two adjoining nature parks.

It took me more time to get there than I anticipated so I did not have a lot of time to be on the air. I chose to work 20m and 40m only. Both bands were not very stable (strong QSB) and 40m brought S7 QRM but I logged 99 calls from 20 DXCCs anyway. The maximum QRB was only 3600km into UA9.

A couple of OMs came by on both bands.

Lars / PH0NO

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Hans PA3FYG said...

Leuk dat het gelukt is, vraag je nu certificaat voor jezelf aan?

73 de Hans