Monday, October 22, 2012

Activation of new references by PA3FYG

In the rest of this week  ( 23-29 oct.) I will try to activate one ore more new PAFF references.

Starting tommorow Tuesday 23th.

I will mainly work on 40m +/- 7144KHz and 14244KHz. I will start arround 1000 UTC depending on distance and traffic.

I test the a 12m long HYendvertical from PA3EKE (10/20/40m ) and compare with my 10m vert with 5 mtr symetrical feeder and tuner ( + 3 radials ).

I will work SOTA style, all equipment in bagpack, using FT897D, vertical and 5000mAH LiPo.

I will announce details later.

73 de Hans PA3FYG/P

1 comment:

PH0NO said...

Succes Hans!
Ik ga mogelijk ook nog op pad dus kijk goed om je heen of je niet ergens een vertical ziet ;-)