Sunday, December 2, 2012

PH0NO at Enbertsdijksvenen (PAFF-047)

Three band busy activation of PAFF-047

Last Friday I was able to visit Enbertsdijksvenen in the north east of The Netherlands. On my way there it was very foggy. Luckily the roads aren't too busy on Friday so I had almost no delay on my route.

Last bit of the fog when I arrived at PAFF-047
Checking the conditions on my phone I saw that there was some traffic on 15m. I decided to start there using my vertical end fed. I found that the band was rather quiet. Working from 21.244 only Ukraine came through with decent signals. After 9 contacts I decided to go down to 20m, changing the vertical end fed for another one.

20m was a different story. Here conditions were reasonable to good with almost all stations between 57 and 59. I logged 88 stations in less than an hour. DX came by from PY, R9/R0 and 4X. When activity started to slow down I changed antennas yet again. This time I set up my inverted V that I used for the first time during the previous activity. I don't know how much the antenna helped and how much the propagations but signals were very loud (almost half of the reports I gave were 9+10 or more) even though the band was not overly crowded.

Inverted V for 40m at PAFF-047

The inverted V takes a bit more time to set up and take down (5 minute change from 15m to 20m and 15 minute change from 20m to 40m) but I am pleased with the results so far. I logged 83 contacts in 45 minutes.

Luciano I5FLN and Axel, DL1EBR made the trip on all three bands.

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