Tuesday, November 6, 2012

PD7BZ and PH0NO active from PAFF-061

300 calls logged in two operations today

Quite coincidentally both PD7BZ and myself were active today from the new PAFF-061:
Boswachterij Sleenerzand. So plenty of opportunities for you as a chaser to add this reference to your list.

I started at around 10am local time. I found a very nice spot with a marvellous view. As the sun was out I decided to operate outside using the batteries I always carry. I worked on 17m and 20m until rain came in.

Entrance of Sleenerzand PH0NO/P in the sun PH0NO/P in in the rain
Then I went into the car and worked 40m and 20m again. In total I was on the air for 2,5 hours logging 209 calls from 32 DXCCs. Maximum QRB was set by a PY1 OM to 9500km.

PD7BZ weather-proof set-up
About half an hour after I left Bernard PD7BZ started his operation in another part of the park. Bernard used both his FT-817 and his FT-857 to log another 95 stations from 27 DXCCs on 20m. He used his FD3 Windom up about 3 meters.

PD7BZ's Windom at 3 meter high

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