Thursday, July 3, 2014

Expanding PAFF

With the help of several PAFF activators we have compiled a list of 17 nature reserves to be added to our current set of references. Most of the added reserves fill in geographical gaps in the current program.

The new set consists of: 
  • Terschelling, Ameland (FR)
  • Lage Land van Texel (NH)
  • Westerwolde, Ennemaborgh (GR)
  • Schokland (FL)
  • Tiengemeten, Broekvelden - Vettenbroek & Polder Stein Nature Conservation Act (ZH)
  • Yerseke en Kapelse Moer, Clingse bossen, Margaretha polder, Braakman Noorderbossen, Wallen Retranchement (ZL)
  • Rosendael, Doorwerth, Grebbeberg (GD)
  • Rozendaal (LB)

As soon as they have been accepted by WWFF the new references will be made available for activation. 

Watch this space....

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