Sunday, May 18, 2014

DL1EBR active from Terschelling

Axel DL1EBR, who usually ends up in my log when I am activating PAFF areas, could be heard working from a PAFF area himself on May 5th.

Axel activated PAFF-071 Boschplaat on the island of Terschelling (EU-038).

The area is a protected nature park that cannot be accessed by car. Axel therefore took a bicycle with a small trailer to get his gear into the park.

Effective transportation @PAFF-071

In two separate activations (May 5 and 7) Axel logged over 130 different chasers. His second attempt was cut short due to roadworks on the bicycle lane through the park - meaning he had to leave before his return path was closed off.

Set-up of DL1EBR on Boschplaat

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