Thursday, June 6, 2013

Planned activities by PG7V and PH0NO - June 7 & 8

Activating the last remaining "new one" and one or two "most wanted" references

Joining GreenParty 2013 this Saturday June 8, JanJaap PG7V will travel to the last unactivated PAFF nature park: PAFF-071, De Boschplaat. This nature reserve is located on the island of Terschelling, IOTA EU-038.

JanJaap will be working QRP with his FT-817 and MP1 antenna in CW and SSB.

Preceding this activity PH0NO will be active Friday June 7 from one or possibly two "most wanted" PAFF areas in the north of PA. First park will be PAFF-029 - De Velden - and when propagation is good enough the second park on the list is PAFF-001 - NP Olde Feanen.

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